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Having a very sick or severely injured child is a parent s worst nightmare. If it happens to your child , would know the best way to go about getting treatment? Knowing when to call ambulance / meet doctor is important.

Signs that need your attention. 

Many emergencies involve sudden injuries caused by bicycle or car crashes , falls , burns , near drowning, electric shocks or poisoning.

If your child has any of the following signs or symptoms , take him to the nearest hospital.

Unconsciousness , fainting, or no response when spoken to.


Swallowing a poisonous substance.

Rhythmic jerking and loss of consciousness.

Trouble with breathing or shortness of breath.

Skin or lips that look blue , purple , or gray.

Increasing or severe lasting pain.

Bleeding that will not stop or a cut that’s large , deep , or involves the head , chest or belly.

Neck stiffness or a rash with fever.

Severe bleeding or trauma.

A burn that’s large or involves the hands , feet , groin , chest or face.

A change in mental status like suddenly becoming unusually sleepy or confused.

A rapid heartbeat that doesn’t slow down.

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