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DO’s AND dont’S

1. Please give the prescribed dose of fever medicine( paracetamol) as advised for the fever (once in 4-6 hrs if the Temperature is more than 100°f)
2. Please cover the child with thin blanket only. use thick blanket (or) sweater if the child Complaints of shivering.

3. If the Temperature is more than 101°f then do body sponging with lukewarm water from head to foot to decrease body temperature. Wet the small handkerchief/ towel in lukewarm water and keep it over forehead and armpit also.

4. If there is shivering, stop sponging 

5. Give plenty of oral liquid diet – continue mother feeding, plain water, fresh veg soup, veg juice, milk porridge, for good hydration.

6. For babies less than 6 months of age give only MOTHER FEEDING.

7. Wear light cotton dresses only

8. When to meet the doctor for the child with fever 

a. Fever for more than 2-3 days 

b. Fever with vomiting , loose motion, fits.

c. Child is irritable, has headache

d. Any unexplained complaints

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